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Interested in buying our products wholesale?  Please fill out our Wholesale Application and forward it to us at  We look forward to doing business with you.

Covered in Comfort sells all of the products you see on this website at wholesale prices.  In addition we offer custom product with exclusive labeling in much smaller quantities than overseas companies.  All our products are made in the United States.

SAFETY INFORMATION: All our products are intended for users 4 years of age and older and require adult supervision. Purchase establishes an agreement to accept and advertise conditions of use. If safety warnings are specifically identified, these warnings are to be advertised in all selling platforms. All safety warnings applying to this product may not be listed.These items are NOT TOYS, some product includes small parts or marble choking hazard, strangulation risk, risk of injury or fall - use is recommended under the direction of a therapist, doctor, or teacher- no items are for use in a crib, weighted product should not be left in the bed of a child. In case of ingestion please seek medical advise immediately. 

Special Note Regarding Safety:All our products are intended for users 4 years and up. All products should  used under the supervision of an adult, and we  recommend  the guidance of therapists/doctors/teachers.  We urge you to consider that no two children are alike in their development, abilities, limitations, or personalities, and all these factors must be taken into account when choosing products for the intended user. What is appropriate and safe for one child may not be for another. Manufacturers label items with small parts that pose potential choking hazards to children as being "not for children under 3 years old;" however, that does not mean the product is appropriate and safe for all children over the age of three. Children, of any age, who continue to put everything in their mouths require special consideration. We urge you to consider carefully the needs of the intended user for whom you are purchasing or to whom you are selling. Covered in Comfort is a small batch manufacturer registered with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Registration Number: 024007-012019,  and is committed to providing functional products that are safe to use.

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