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Sensory Strips can be placed just about anywhere, or kept in your pocket for quick Fidgety Fun. The strips help provide calm, decrease anxiety, and keep otherwise busy hands occupied while promoting an increase in focus and mood. The convenient size allows use on desks, books, folders etc. The Flip Sequin Strips change color as pushed up and down providing the added bonus of visual stimulation while the Scratchy Strips are ideal for pickers and those in search of a more textured input.  Adhesive backed to allow for "stick on" placement if desired. Sequin Strips have mulitiple backing layers - to use as adhesive remove only top white layer of paper.


Made in the USA  by young adults with Exceptional Abilities who appreciate your support. 


The strip packs come in a mix of Flip Sequin 1 x 5.5” and Scratchy 1 x 5”

WARNING: Small Parts, not intended for ages 4 and under. And not intended for use on or near electronics.

Sensory Strips Adhesive Assorted Packs



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