Our weighted blankets are made with non-toxic, plastic pellets quilted into a 100% polyester fleece and are machine wash and dry. 
The pellets are evenly distributed in a quilted pattern to prevent weight shifting. For extra comfort these blankets may be warmed in your dryer or cooled in your freezer.
Small.        30" by 42"    5lbs
Medium     36" by 54"    8lbs
Large         42" by 60"  11lbs

Finding the right weight for you:
The suggested blanket weight is 10% of your weight plus 1lb  but it is best to check with your physician or therapist.


Blankets can be made in custom weights and colors - wholesale quantities only.  Please contact us for quotes.

Weighted Blanket

  • 100% polyester fleece, plastic pellet fill.

    Machine wash, low heat dry.
    We suggest a commercial washer/dryer.